It’s been a long time. Again.

I keep promising myself to keep up with regular blog updates, with book release announcements and works in progress. It’s… not really going that well. As you can see by the desert that is this blog. This year has been especially tough what with the entire world at the moment and some personal losses closer […]

Release day!!!

So The time has finally come. Today Forgotten Monster gets unleashed upon the world in all its glory. I gotta admit, I’m a little nervous. But at least the cover is absolutely fantastic. Look at all that beauty. (Cover designed by Natasha Snow) Okay. Now that I’ve drooled over the cover again, back to the […]

An update and a little bit of sad news

By now most everyone has heard the news but just in case: Less Than Three Press is closing. Considering my book, Forgotten Monster, was due to be released by them in… just about three weeks you might say the news has hit me pretty hard, especially in a year where I saw some pretty painful […]

Why I don’t outline (besides the obvious reason)

It came to me earlier while I was doing non-writing related things and my mind started to wander as it often does: why outlines sabotage me. I think sabotage is the right word. I know a lot of people swear by outlines, whether they be loose or written with beat by beat precision, and I’ve […]

Thank you, David Bowie

On the very first page of my very first diary in big round I’m-still-learning-to-write printing was one sentence. I love David Bowie. I was probably six or seven at the time. Labyrinth was my life and David Bowie and the Goblin King were my first loves. Over the years I fell in love with David […]

Editing is hard, you guys

In case anyone didn’t know this already, editing is hard. I spent an hour this morning working on about 200 words. Taking them out. Putting them back in. Rearranging them. Looking at the next ten pages of manuscript and wondering if all this dialogue should move somewhere else. It’s nightmarish. I’m still not even sure […]

Cover Reveal: Blaze Tuesday and the Case of the Knight Surgeon

So, in case the title wasn’t clear, it’s cover reveal time. It’s very exciting. *throws confetti* I’m excited. Are you excited? Because you should be. My very snazzy friend Kai Kiriyama has a book coming out in August. She also let me ask her some more ridiculous questions (aka: an “interview”) about the book and […]

Blog Hop: The Writing Process

So. Now I’ve been tagged twice for this blog hop. I figured it was time to actually post my entry about my writing process. I’m slow, but I’m posting now so that should count for something. For those that don’t know how this works: I got tagged by Murphy and now R. James Stevens. So […]