Nostalgia and Novel Show and Tell

Posted: April 8, 2013 in story snippets, Uncategorized, writing
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I miss my old characters.

It’s funny. A few weeks ago they were driving me crazy and now I’m sitting here thinking “Gee, I miss Dade a lot. I wish I could write him again but I’m writing this other thing now. *siiiiiiigh*” I spent the better part of the last year with Dade and co. (aka: the Supers) so I guess I should have expected they wouldn’t stay away long. They’re like the friends you can’t help loving even though they do nothing but get you into trouble.

It was a normal day in Pantser-ville, about a year ago, when I decided to write a romance about a superhero. I tossed around ideas. Should the love interest be a reporter? A cop? Another hero? A villain? I had no idea. I didn’t even know which one of them would be the superhero. All I knew was “superheroes”, “big fight scene”, and “romance.” I started writing. Before I knew it Dade was born and I had an entire series on my hands. So far I’ve only got one novel and a couple of shorts but it continues to grow like the literary equivalent of The Blob. I never meant for it to take off like this.

Case in point:

I was innocently taking a shower last week (dun dun DUN) when Rory (Super name: Rocket) popped in to discuss his short story (which I hadn’t finished.) And by “discuss” I mean he offered me another amusing scene to tack on to his short. No big deal. A few hundred words never hurt anyone. Then he went on to explain why his sister-in-law hates him. Which is another story entirely …or maybe a novella. *headdesk* And have I mentioned that Rocket only appears in the original novel for about a paragraph?

Unfortunately, I can’t spend much quality time with Dade and co. until I’m done with my Camp Nano novel (sorry, Dade) but I can do the next best thing: offer up a snippet of the Rocket short story. (And before you ask, no, it’s still not done.) Hopefully that will appease the Supers (and my nostalgia) for the time being.

(Usual disclaimers apply. This story is largely unedited so I cannot be held accountable for typos, wonky grammar, abuse of the English language, or the fact that it still has no ending. If you like it please leave me a comment and boost my ego. If you don’t… I suppose that’s okay too. Thank you.)

Rory used to be up with the sun but these days he’s hard pressed to catch 9am and today is definitely not going to be one of those days.

“Breakfast is gonna get cold if you don’t hurry,” his wife Sarah calls from the kitchen, voice barely muffled by the walls and doors in the way. The woman could probably out scream a banshee when she’s in one of her moods.

Rory pries open one eye to check the light coming in the window. It’s still much too close to the hour of nine. He rolls over, pressing his face into the pillow and considering the likelihood that he can skip 9am and head straight to 10 instead. He’s just starting to drift off again when the door flies open, hitting the wall so hard it’s sure to leave another dent.

“I thought you were up!”

He knows what she looks like without even opening his eyes. Red ponytail flying behind her like the tail of a comet, hands on her hips, bare feet planted like the roots of a willow. Beautiful. And still pissed off.

“I know you can hear me!”

Rory squeezes his eyes shut and tries to hang on to that last fleeting tangle of sleep, a half remembered dream, but it’s already gone. He sits up. “Dammit, woman, I’m trying to sleep!” he roars back, menace lessened by his sleep puffy eyes. “It’s Sunday. People are supposed to sleep in on Sunday and I WAS UP UNTIL 3AM PULLING PEOPLE OUT OF A BURNING APARTMENT BUILDING,” he continues, volume increasing with every syllable. He drops back onto the pillows, energy spent and closes his eyes again.

“And whose fault is that?” she asks. Her bare foot taps against the hardwood floor in a steady tattoo. “You didn’t think maybe you should call me?” She pauses for the barest moment before she goes on. “You too good for a sidekick now? Is that it?”

He groans, giving up on the possibility of sleep, maybe forever. “I didn’t say that. But you were doing your girl’s night out thing,” he says, wincing. “You know your sister already hates me.”

“She does not!” Sarah sputters in the tone that means he’s absolutely right.

“She still calls me Rob.”

“She’s bad with names,” Sarah says, wincing too now.

“We’ve been married six years,” he deadpans.

She chews on that a moment, brow creasing as it sinks in that she’s rapidly losing this argument. “Okay. Fine!” she snaps, dropping on to the bed so hard that Rory nearly pops right out of it. She curls a leg under her, nestling into his side. “Maybe if you came up with a better excuse next time…”

Rory groans. “I don’t think that’s gonna help.”

“Yeah, but it couldn’t hurt, right?” She squirms in closer, soaking up the heat that Rory radiates like a man shaped sun. She slings an arm around his shoulders. “How many did you save? Were there kids?”

“Men, women, and children,” Rory says, smile growing.

Sarah’s answering smile is practically blinding. “That’s my man.”

That’s all for now, folks. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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