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Posted: April 11, 2013 in Uncategorized, writing
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(Someone please tell me you got that reference.)

Ahem, anyway… As I mentioned before, I’ve been writing for many years. Sometimes successfully. Sometimes very UNsuccessfully. Whether the first draft crashed and burned some of my novels will always hold special places in my heart and in my conversation. I thought I’d stop confusing my writer friends (and any potential blog readers) when I talk about my different novels. So here you go:


The Official Primer Of My Novels …mostly

First up we have –

E :

The story of a half demon librarian (named E because she defies all my attempts to name her properly) trying to live a normal life. This one hardly needs mentioning but it holds the record for most pages written and discarded. At last count I had well over 200 pages that didn’t quite go together. From one draft. It’s in its 4th incarnation. Either way, it’ll always hold a special place in my heart because it was the story I won my first Nano with in 2008.


Half Life :

One night a young woman (Miranda) wanders into a skewed version of the city she’s always known. There’s much oddness and the appearance of three men (Jude, Gregory, and Dismas) who seem to be following her every move.

I started (and finished) the first draft for Nanowrimo in 2009. This one stubbornly refuses to move beyond novella length despite my efforts to the contrary. Status: second draft


The Devil’s Son :

A woman, her missing sister, and an urban legend that can’t possibly be true. It’s one big mystery and quite frankly I have no idea how to write it. XD But someday I mean to edit it into something readable because who doesn’t love a mystery about an urban legend?

First draft was finished for Nano 2010.


Thief’s Game (aka: Connor the faerie thief) :

Connor works in a call center by day and spends his nights as a very successful thief. When he takes an interest in Jake McAvoy, the detective assigned to catch him, things get even more fun. And dangerous of course. Did I mention he was part-Fae?

In case you couldn’t tell, this one is m/m romance. It’s also getting edited this year because I play favorites. I wrote the first draft during Camp Nano in 2011. Yes, both months.


I’m Just Super :

Yes. It’s that one. The one I’ve been keyboard smashing over for the past year. Dade’s genesis story and the beginning of all my other Super stories.

Dade never wanted to be a superhero, except for when he kinda did. He’s got super strength, a chip on his shoulder, and culinary training. Yes. You read that right.

Dade returns to his hometown just in time for the rise of a new supervillain named Hypnos. And that’s the only thing that could force him to work with Pulse, the local superhero (that he totally doesn’t have a crush on.)

I’m on draft 1.49359 or thereabouts. Mostly because Dade is stubborn. And, yes, I frequently talk about him like he’s real.


And we end the list with:

Forgotten Monster :

Taisce is on a quest to find his wayward brother. Sef is a man with more than his fair share of secrets. There’s danger, snarking, a little romance, and the most complicated genre I’ve ever had to explain (that being Victorian/western/fantasy/romance though I suppose gaslamp fantasy is the technical term. Mostly.)

This is what I’m working on for the current Camp Nano. As of today we’re at 35k and counting. >_<


So. That covers most of my big stories. I have others of course (codenamed: There Will Be Vampires, The Power, my naked nephilim, etc etc etc and so on and so forth.) but we’ll save those for another rainy day when I’m feeling self indulgent.

Thoughts? Comments? Wishes for me to stop being so long winded?


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