Special Event Tuesday – Pathogen: Patient Zero blog tour

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
As the title suggests, today is special. (And also Tuesday.) Instead of my babbling you get my friend: the decidedly more eloquent Kai Kiriyama. Her book Pathogen: Patient Zero is being released tomorrow by Lemorn so do yourself a favor and look it up. 🙂 You can also find her blog here.
So without further ado, I’ll stop babbling and let her get on with her super blog double post. First up is my (totally not craptastic) attempt at an interview and it’s followed up with an extra blog post written by Kai. Enjoy!

Hi Jess! Thank you for hosting me this week! I’m excited to answer your questions so let’s just get it started?
1. When/why did you start writing?
I’ve always been writing. Even in grade school, I would come back with 20+ pages for creative writing assignments when we only needed 2. I decided that this was the only career that interested me when I was about 13 and I started to get really serious about it then.
2. What is your favorite zombie or zombie related thing? (Because I’m nosy)
Is it gauche to answer this with a celebrity’s name? Ha ha. And is it a faux pas to answer it with my own book series? Seriously though, that’s a pretty tough question. There’s so much out there in zombie culture, it’s really hard to pick just one thing. My favourite zombie books right now are the Newsflesh trilogy by Mira Grant and Shaun of the Dead is my favourite zombie movie. The fact that I write for Zombie Training Magazine also really makes me happy.
3. If the zombie apocalypse began tomorrow, how dead would you be? 😀
I like to think that I’d be relatively okay, at least for a little while. But then again, I’m 100% convinced that there will be no zombies in Canada because we have healthcare. Ha ha! My ZA preparedness has been lacking lately, but I’m working on fixing that. I know how to grow food, forage, and I”m pretty sure that we could hole up in our house for a few months with little to no problems, as long as everyone else goes away. 
4. What are some of your favorite books? (Because I’m still nosy)

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Interview with the Vampire, The Hobbit, Dracula, The Portrait of Dorian Gray, The Newsflesh Trilogy, American Gods, Good Omens, the Discworld series… I can make a HUGE list but it would be twice as long as the guest post I’m writing ha ha! Suffice it to say that I’ll read pretty much anything you give me.
And the bonus round – my whacked out question:

5. If you were an action figure, what would your special feature be?
Ooh, I like this question. My special feature would be “caffeine jitters action!” You’d push a button or pull a rip cord in my back and I would shake all over the place and not be able to hold a pen or type on my laptop. (accessories sold separately.) And the shakes would be worse if I’m NOT holding a cup of caffeinated wonderfullness. 

“Something that You Wouldn’t Expect About Me”

-Kai Kiriyama

You’re staring at me, I can feel it.

The writer.

Is that disdain? Or jealousy? I don’t care. Be critical. Judge me. That’s cool.

Lonely? Sure, I’m a writer.

Overweight? Just a little. I’m a geek. And a writer.

Weird? D’uh.

Insomniac. Caffeine addict. Avid reader.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

But there’s so many crazy things that come out of my brain, and sometimes my mouth. And definitely all over Twitter. I get it. I’m a pretty open book.

So thinking of something unexpected about me is a little more difficult. I wracked my brain trying to think of something that would surprise you all for this blog post.

And I think I finally figured it out.

Ready for this shocking revelation?

I am really relatively boring.

Yeah, you read that correctly.

I’m boring.

“But, Kai? How can that be?” you are probably asking. “You’re a writer! You’re a published writer! And a time-traveller! You have crazy coloured hair! You quote movies all the time! How can you possibly be boring?”

That’s just it. I don’t go out and party. I prefer to stay home. I go out sometimes, yes, dinner and drinks with friends, but I’m not one to go get wasted. I’m secretly boring.

I think that’s how I get so much writing done. I love to visit my friends and I love to hang out with people, sure, but I’m not a party animal. I’m not someone who places more value on partying than on quality time with a good book or my writing. I’m very much a homebody and I’m quiet, usually.

I think that, as with almost everything in life, balance is the key. I need to balance my going out with my staying at home and cultivating my writing. I balance my dinner dates with a TV date with my sister. I balance my sleeping time with my writing time… Okay, that last one got away from me but I think the point is clear.

I’m a creative individual. I see the world through a different lens. Sometimes it’s rose-coloured, sometimes it’s bathed in the blood of my enemies, it just depends on the day. At the core of it all though, I’m content with my boring life of writing.

Adventures are great, and I wish I had more of them, but for now, I’m completely content to being the boring writer who doesn’t party.


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