Show And Tell Comes A Day Late

Posted: May 7, 2013 in story snippets, Uncategorized, writing
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I haven’t been keeping up with my show and tell times like I had planned. Oops. I’m a day late but, again, better late than never.

This time I present: a snippet from my current novel. And of course, it’s Taisce and Sef arguing because that’s what they do best. For those of you just joining our program, Taisce is the son of a nobleman. He’s been traveling for weeks, following the trail of his missing brother. Along the way he meets Sef who “kindly” offers to guide him.

I think that’s about all the back story you need. Usual disclaimers apply: largely unedited, typos, beware mild language, blah blah, etc etc and so on and so forth. Happy reading!


“There’s an inn not far from here,” Sef suggested.

He’d almost forgotten his lack of coin while they were traveling through the wilderness but now it came back to Taisce with annoying insistence. It screamed nearly as loud as the cicadas did. “We must find Brannigan and Felix first.”

“It would be better to ask for assistance rather than wandering around an unfamiliar place at night.”

Sef’s logic was faultless but Taisce would be damned before he would say so. “They may be willing to offer shelter as well as… other help,” he said evasively.

Sef leaned forward in the saddle the better to gaze at him head on. “You have no money.” He smirked.

“If you’re worried about your payment…”

“As I said, there are other ways for you to repay me.” Sef waved it away like a bothersome insect.

“I won’t be in your debt.”

“Then you best set about repaying me quickly, milord, if it bothers you so.”

“How can I do that when you won’t tell me what it is you want?” Taisce snapped.

Sef slanted a look at him. “If you thought a moment, you might be able to think of something.” And with that he trotted on ahead.

The suddenness of the comment took Taisce by surprise. There was no mistaking his meaning even if he wished to. It was too blatant. Too obvious to be taken as anything else. Taisce closed the distance between them again. “I’m not some whore,” he hissed, leaning in close for discretion.

“I didn’t ask you to be.”

“You talk in circles but we both know what you meant.”

“I should hope so. You’re much too old to still be innocent. And much too attractive to have gone unnoticed.”

It was such a curiously backhanded compliment in an already exasperating conversation that it took Taisce a moment to find a response. And even then he spent a moment sputtering out his disdain for the whole thing. “I didn’t ask for your services. I could have found my way alone. I owe you nothing,” he said resolutely.

“So you say in one breath and the next you’re fretting over how to repay me. One wonders if you’re really so averse to my proposition as you seem.”

“I am.”

“Then rejoice, milord. Your debt need worry you no longer as it never existed in the first place.”

Taisce fell silent again as they wound their way through the curving streets in search of their destination. “I feel as if I’ve been tricked in some way.”

“You’re welcome to feel that way,” Sef said.

  1. Julie says:

    Somehow I missed this, likely in the craziness leading up to my trip. LOVE. But more please. Like all of it. 😉

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