Trifecta of Blood

Posted: May 9, 2013 in Trifecta posts, Uncategorized, writing
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Sounds nice and creepy, doesn’t it? It’s Trifecta time again! This week’s theme was blood and the 3rd definition goes a little something like this:

BLOOD (noun)

3a : lifeblood; broadly : life

b : human stock or lineage; especially : royal lineage <a prince of the blood>

c : relationship by descent from a common ancestor : kinship

d : persons related through common descent : kindred

e (1) : honorable or high birth or descent (2) : descent from parents of recognized breed or pedigree

That was a nice long definition, wasn’t it? You’d think being all about blood that this challenge would have been easier for me. And you would wrong. Again. I am the queen of overthinking. Of course this time it came in handy. I wrote my Trifecta entry about someone who is less near and dear to my heart but still present and accounted for: Hypnos, aka the villain from I’m Just Super (psst, that’s Dade’s book.) So without further ado:


There were certain things that went through Scott’s head when he finally tried to sleep at night. Questions, mostly. What if he’d done this different? What if he’d done that? Was he right? Was he wrong? So many “ifs” and “buts” and his personal favorite “why?”

It was the “why” that broke into his dreams and shook him awake time and again. Why? Why had Kurt betrayed them? They’d fought side by side. They were friends, close as blood, or so he’d thought. But Kurt had made his choice and Scott had paid the price. His sister had paid with her life. That was something that couldn’t be forgiven.

Blood demanded blood and Kurt had yet to pay his debt. No matter what he’d done since. No matter how he claimed to have changed. Scott remembered what he’d been. And now they were a pair yet again. Hero and villain. But it was anyone’s guess which was which.

  1. Ooo. I like this! Dark and mysterious. Glad you made it in under the wire!

  2. Draug419 says:

    The second-guessing always seems strongest at night. Great piece.

  3. Dark and familial. Sweet dreams!

  4. Got a little philosophical at the end. Good job.

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