Reason #132 Why I Love Adeline – show and tell

Posted: June 5, 2013 in story snippets, Uncategorized, writing
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I haven’t done a blog post in a while. Oops. I’ll blame it on writing book 2 of Taisce and Sef’s story. I’m 18k into it now and the character roster this time is already three times what it was in book 1 (not hard to accomplish when I only had two main characters and about 3 secondaries but still…) So in honor of book 2 I’m sharing another scene.

For those of you just joining our program. Book 1 introduced Taisce, an arrogant young nobleman, and Sef, a man with more secrets than any sane person should have. They met. Hijinks ensued. “Hijinks” being a euphemism of course. This time around Taisce and Sef are in Blume (Taisce’s hometown) and surrounded by Taisce’s family. Namely Taisce’s sixteen year old sister, Adeline, who I love. A lot. Can’t imagine why.

At this point in time, Taisce has found Sef giving Adeline drawing lessons. I think that’s all the background you need. Usual disclaimers apply: largely unedited, bad grammar, euphemisms, and Taisce should really know better than to snoop…


It was bright in the garden, brighter than Taisce would have expected. The sky was heavy and white with clouds. He shielded his eyes with one hand. Taisce picked his way over the walk, watching for loose stones and unevenly packed earth. He’d taken more than his fair share of tumbles out here and he was enjoying this short moment before they noticed he was close. He paused beside a large spire of arbor vitae, half hidden unless they cared to search for him.

“Your eye will improve with practice,” Sef said.

“My brother has taken quite a liking to you,” Adeline said in reply. It was almost enough to send Taisce tumbling from his hiding place. He pressed a thumb to his lips to seal in his protests.

“Does that have some bearing on these lessons?” Taisce was surprised at the cutting edge in Sef’s voice but Adeline just laughed prettily. He could picture her waving away his remark.

“You’re both so sensitive. I’m not going to tell anyone. Don’t worry. But you should be more careful. The others are stupid but they’ll figure it out soon enough with the way you carry on.”

“They’re not my concern.”

“They should be. You’re a servant. You can’t just bugger the son of a noble and expect to get away with it.”

“Adeline!”Taisce cried in the scandalized tone of a matron. He was stumbling over the walk towards them before he remembered himself and pulled up short.

Sef’s lips twitched with amusement but whether it was from his sudden appearance or Adeline’s indelicate remark it was hard to say.

“Don’t peek!” Adeline cried back. She hurried to turn her papers from his prying eyes.

“What kind of nonsense are you talking, Adeline?” Taisce barked. He could feel the red heat in his face but there was little he could do to calm it. “You’re being indecent.”


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