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I’ve been neglecting my blog for far too long. So it’s Trifecta time once again! This week’s prompt was “ass”. How could I skip that?


Ford was an ass and Bree would have told him so if it wasn’t for the gun pointed at her head. But she thought it. A lot.


She glared at Ford standing beside her with his hands up. He was still grinning like the world amused him.


‘No one’ll be there,’ he’d said. ‘Quick in and out,’ he’d said.

She could kill him.

“Nice night, ain’t it?” Ford asked, unconcerned. As if he were looking into the barrel of a toy gun instead of the real thing.


His eyes flicked to the side. He nodded at the posted sign, the one he’d been chuckling over while he lit the damn cigarette a few minutes ago. “Geez, I didn’t realize this was a nonsmoking area,” he said. One raised hand pointed at the cigarette dangling from his lip. “Mind if I put this out? I swear I won’t try nothing, officer sir. I’m a law abiding citizen an’ all.” Ford smiled that big eyed picture day smile of his, the one that made him look like a golden haired angel.

“Don’t move.” The cop pivoted, eyeing him with automatic suspicion. Smart guy.

“Only be a sec.” Ford slipped the cigarette from his mouth, pinching it like he meant to flick it away from him. Instead he sent it flying into the cop’s face and followed it up with a punch so fast Bree almost missed it entirely. The cop dropped to a knee.

“Ya see that?” Ford asked with a high laugh. “Damn I’m good.”

“Good and careless,” Bree said. She kicked the struggling cop in the head and grabbed Ford’s hand. “Now let’s go.”

They ran through the maze of shipping containers hand in hand, Ford still laughing like a hyena. After a minute, Bree finally smiled too. Her hand cupped the bulging pocket of her coat. They got it. Now they just had to keep it safe.