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So, in case the title wasn’t clear, it’s cover reveal time. It’s very exciting. *throws confetti* I’m excited. Are you excited? Because you should be. My very snazzy friend Kai Kiriyama has a book coming out in August. She also let me ask her some more ridiculous questions (aka: an “interview”) about the book and about herself.

But first, you may be wondering “Hey, what is this book whose title you’ve just rattled off? How do I know if I’m interested?” And in response to that I say, “Number one, you should always assume you’re interested. And number two, I was just about to explain before you interrupted me. Read on, dear blog reader.”

EXHIBIT A: the Cover! *gasp*
Isn’t that so pretty?


EXHIBIT B: the Summary!

BLAZE TUESDAY AND THE CASE OF THE KNIGHT SURGEON is a pulpy noir set in a futuristic New York. The oil and technology market crashed in the mid-2000′s and the world has developed into a technologically advanced form of SteamPunk. Body modification has become commonplace with rebellious teenagers, but this time, it’s literal. Clockwork body parts are touted as a medical miracle by the companies who make them, and high fashion by the stars who sport them, and a lot of kids go through illegal surgeries. The sub-culture of Gearheads is full of kids with robotic body parts from poorly done surgery in less-than-sanitary conditions, and these are surgeries that don’t always take.

Blaze Tuesday is New York’s most accomplished private investigator. A former police officer with a bone to pick with the corruption in the city, he’s earned a name for himself as a guy who gets results, and who is willing to uphold the moral values so many others have forgotten, even if he has to break a few faces to do it.

Blaze is hired by Wayside Firms, one of the medical firms that produces the Clockwork, when a charity doctor who worked specifically with less-fortunate kids who have had botched illegal, is found murdered. As Blaze investigates the unfortunate death, he discovers a conspiracy that stretches from the lowest gutters in Hell’s Kitchen, to the highest corporate fat cats at the medical firms who create the Clockwork body parts.

Can Blaze get justice for the dead doctor, and bring some hope back to the kids in Hell’s Kitchen who were counting on the Doctor’s help? Or will he get caught up in the underworld of body modification and the big money it brings in?

BLAZE TUESDAY AND THE CASE OF THE KNIGHT SURGEON will be released on August 5, 2014 and download and purchase links will be posted primarily on Kai’s website,


Exhibit C: the awkward interview!

Prepare yourself, people, because I am a master of insightful interviewing.

Q: Where did you get the idea for Blaze?

Kai: I decided just before NaNoWriMo 2012 that I wanted to try my hand at writing a noir, Blaze came from an old quote from the cartoon Bonkers “My name was Tuesday, it was a Wednesday and I was eating a Sundae.” The premise came from the fact that I have a rainbow mohawk (At the time when I was writing the book, I had “normal” hair due to my day job) and I want tattoos, eventually, and so I was thinking what if ink and piercings and everything we consider to be counter-culture was suddenly acceptable? Where would rebellious teenagers turn to get their rebellion in? Well, extreme body modification seemed to be the answer and so Clockwork implants was born.

Q: What’s your favorite part of the book? About writing it?

Kai: My favourite part of the book overall is the dynamic between Blaze and Kali and how I get to play with it and expand on it in every scene, Every bit of dialogue for them, everything. I think Kali is my favourite of the 4 characters because she’s so far removed from the action happening with Blaze and Jackson that she gets overlooked and kind of written off as “just Blaze’s Love Interest” which she isn’t and was never meant to be. Which is why the bonus story in the special edition release takes place from her POV and is extremely focused on her side of things and how she comes into play with the major events of Blaze’s life.

Can I say that my favourite part about writing the book is that it’s done and finally becoming available and I don’t have to edit the damn thing anymore? No? Okay, pretend I didn’t say that. Really though, just getting to throw Blaze into all sorts of trouble and getting to ‘be’ him while I write is just the best and I really hope that the fun and passion I have for him shows through in my writing.

Bonus question time! Tell us your life story in as few words as possible.

Kai: I was born of a dying star, cosmic chance landed me here, born into my awesome family, pretending to be another human. I write and bide my time until my powers fully manifest and I am able to return to my destined home world. This won’t be the last you hear from me. And this won’t be the only series I publish.


There you have it, folks. Interviewing at its finest. 😀  I hope you’re adequately excited for Kai’s book. It’s got everything you could possibly want in a book: a cover, words, characters, and kickass-ness. But if you’re still not convinced, I will present to you Exhibit… *scrolls back up to see what letter of the alphabet we left off on* Exhibit D!


Exhibit D: the Bio!

A writer of many things and many genres, Kai is currently working on a novel (you can pretty much always assume that she’s writing something!) that involves murder, mayhem and probably a ghost or some other form of otherworldly creature. She is also working on some non-fiction but she’s not entirely sure why.

Kai has been writing for far too long and she’s convinced that both her “to be read” and “to be written” lists will never be completed before she dies. She has a diploma in palmistry and can read hands with an accuracy that scares even her sometimes. She is also accomplished at tea leaf reading and crystal divination, both of which she has also achieved a diploma for and scares herself with the accuracy of the things she has predicted.

A time-travelling, demon hunting, Asgardian geek, with an affinity for Pokemon and Shakespeare, you can be sure that there will be general insanity and dubious wisdom dispensed no matter where you chat with her. As always, she requests that you “be excellent to each other” while she’s away.

Kai currently lives in Canada, but if she told you where, you’d have about fifteen seconds to assume the party position before the special ops team arrives.

She can be reached by email at