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Steal My Ideas

Posted: June 24, 2013 in prompts, Uncategorized, writing
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No, really. Steal them. They’re prompts now.

I’ve been writing a long time and quite frankly a lot of it is crap. But there are also bits here and there that are decent or interesting and maybe they’d do well in someone else’s hands. I’ll be posting a few prompts and snippets at a time from now on. If you want anything I post here, take it with my blessing. If you use it and it gets posted or published somewhere, let me know (here or on twitter I’m @mixeduppainter) and I’ll link to you.

Oh and if anyone has a prompt preference do let me know and I’ll see if I can dig anything out for you.

#1: snippet

Lena laughed quietly as she watched her little girl doing laps around one of the pedestals with a vase of flowers on top.

“Look, Mommy, look!” the girl squealed, wobbling back and forth with her arms out wide. She ran into Lena’s arms and they giggled together.

I turned my eyes back to the front. Mother was still peacefully asleep in the coffin, unaware of the spectacle going on at her wake.

#2: description

He thought she smiled too much for someone who didn’t seem at all happy.

#3: scenario

A woman (or man) picks up a young hitchhiker who tells them a story before disappearing at the next stop.